Workshops and Presentations


Educational Services

  1. Direct teaching to staff
  2. Demonstrating in classrooms and other school contexts
  3. Coaching staff
  4. Supporting implementation and innovation
  5. Observing and providing non-judgmental feedback
  6. Facilitating organizational strategic planning
  7. Facilitating troubleshooting/problem solving
  8. Training trainers, facilitators, and instructional coaches
  9. Coaching administrative and teacher leaders
  10. Training and coaching for para-professionals and other support and office personnel


Corporate Services

Dr. Bobb Darnell has delivered presentations and conducted national workshops for corporations and educational institutions. Bobb's high-energy workshops are filled with "edutainment" and practical ideas that have resulted from blending research and tested practice.  Employees, managers, and corporate leaders can easily sense his enthusiasm for continuous improvement, job satisfaction, lifelong learning, and organizational excellence. Bobb is committed to helping organizations build high-performance workplaces that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Achievement Strategies, Inc. has enthusiastically served corporations, businesses, and public institutions including . . .

Options Clearing Corporation Allstate Insurance
Carnrich Pharmaceuticals Wausau Insurance
Continental Tube Williams Electronics
Seeburg Corporation Surface Group
ALMAR Consulting Wavelength, Inc.
Mt. Prospect Park District Solution Tree
Motivational Training Institute Cole Enterprises
Manfred Group, Inc. Chicago Logistics, LLC
DarSan LLC Learning 24/7

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Becoming the Change Agent You Dream About

Learn how to create, monitor, modify, and radically celebrate change.  Discover a powerful change model that can be used as a tool to understand and address resistance to change and to ensure results-driven implementation of your organizations' innovations.  See how you can monitor incremental progress, address immediate problems and concerns, and maintain hope and optimism in the face of results short of your goals.  Feel what it is like to not just recognize success, but to radically celebrate "big steps" toward realizing a shared vision.


Managing Conflict While Trying to Stay Happy and Well: Strategies for Leaders

Discover how leaders can prevent, pre-empt, and conquer workplace conflict instead of experiencing negativity, low morale, and dramatic drops in productivity.  Experience a virtual trip through conflict simulations and case studies and gain an understanding of factors that contribute to workplace conflict and power struggles. Learn how to evaluate situations to determine how serious they are or might become and learn how to listen to the issues and stories behind the conflict.  Know how to apply a conflict resolution process that matches viable solutions to conflicts, encourages implementation of new agreements, and promotes monitoring of progress and adjustment during an impasse.  Learn how leaders can strengthen personal and team relationships, repair damaged relationships, and enhance leadership credibility with effective conflict resolution skills.


Using Walk-throughs  to Enhance Employee Learning and
Organizational Excellence

Discover how walkthroughs can be at the center of the mystery of an organization’s success, mediocrity, or failure.  See how walkthroughs reinforce attention to a organizational improvement focus, provide useful data about business improvement targets, stimulate collegial conversation, and deepen understanding about what is really going on in your organization. Explore numerous forms of walkthroughs that can be conducted by employees, supervisors, and managers.  Experience techniques for pre-walkthrough planning, conducting walkthroughs, and post-walkthrough analysis and interpretation.  Leave this session with a plan for using walkthroughs as a powerful means to revitalize improvement initiatives and to provide reasons to radically celebrate progress.


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Follow the Leader: 
What Every Leader Needs to Do for Followers to Follow


Discover how you can earn the credibility needed to facilitate dramatic increases in motivation, performance, and employee loyalty.  Learn six essential components related to building and sustaining credibility from those you supervise.  Explore how you can enhance your ability to communicate with staff members and to demonstrate respect, empathy, and appreciation for their progress.  See how you can lead great meetings that inspire breakthrough improvement and increase opportunities for innovation.  Examine ways to monitor the work environment in non-intrusive ways and to raise non-threatening questions that stretch people to think beyond what they might process on their own.  Take with strategies to help employees sustain hope and optimism when desired results are not yet achieved.  Become the leader who can encourage staff members to become self-directed and to be the engines of continuous improvement.



Leading through the Generation Gaps While Staying Happy and Well

Discover the characteristics of various generations in your workforce and identify the strengths and needs of your work environment.  Explore how you can build and maintain professional relationships across generations and increase collaborative innovation and problem solving.  Participate in simulations that illustrate how to sustain a productive and motivating work environment.  Learn additional ways to differentiate the way you provide feedback, coaching, and recognition to multiple generations. Come to this session curious and leave inspired with action steps ready to implement.


Emotional Intelligence:  The Smart Things to Do

This Emotional Intelligence program focuses on helping employees develop the ability, capacity, and skill to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups.  The goal of the program is to have employees use these competencies best according to the situations and interactions present on the job.   This Emotional Intelligence program can offer the following benefits to the organization and its personnel:

•Increased productivity
•Reduced turnover of staff, supervisors and managers
•Increased morale and job satisfaction
•Increased effectiveness of supervisors and managers
•Reduced work-place interpersonal conflicts


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Behavioral-Based Interviewing

This Behavioral-based Interviewing program is based upon the premise that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in similar situations.  The essential goal of the program is to assist supervisors/interviewers in efficiently and effectively using behavioral interviews consisting of a series of open-ended questions that help the interviewer obtain a good picture of a person’s capabilities and determine the applicant's potential for success on the job. Research suggests that responses during this type of interview offer a higher prediction rate of future on-the-job behavior than traditional interviewing techniques. This Behavior-Based Interview program can offer the following benefits to the organization and its personnel:

•Attract the best candidates to the organization
•Improve the ability to judge a candidate’s present and long-term potential
•Provide the interviewer with a clearer focus of job-related demands
•Reduce turnovers and increase the likelihood of higher job satisfaction
•Reduce costly hiring mistakes
•Increase efficiency and consistency of interviews and reduce supervisor time-loss



 New Employee Strategic Onboarding/Quick Start

The purpose of this New Employee Strategic Onboarding/Quick Start induction and orientation program is to speed up the process of bringing on new employees so they can quickly and effectively take on new work roles and develop a positive and productive work attitude.  This program helps an organization create a support system and employee network connection to efficiently assist new employees to gain knowledge of the job expectations, organization's history, policies, procedures, work and social culture, benefits and eligibility, and organization chart. This New Employee Strategic Onboarding/Quick Start Program can offer the following benefits to the organization and its personnel:

•Increased employee satisfaction
•Increased employee retention
•Increased employee productivity
•Save time Supervisors during the hiring process
•Reduction in costly downtime during the first few months on the job
•More effective career-growth and succession planning
•Enhanced knowledge management and retention
•Effective maintenance of internal systems
•Reduced anxiety and frustration of new and veteran employees
•Departmental synergy and maintenance of productive norms of behavior



Attitude:  Getting the Best from Yourself and Others

Attitude is a boomerang to the world—whatever we throw out will come back to us.  Join this session and examine how your own thoughts, words, and actions can create your best attitude. Discover how to increase your focus, speak with strength, work through adversity and interact with others positively.  See what it is like to really “have an attitude.”