Multi-step Instructions/ Directions

Apply instructions with conditionals.

Graphic Organizers

Series Chain Events Series/Chain Map
Flow Map Flow Map
Story Board Storyboard
Time Line Continuum Scale/Time Line


Summary and Constructed-Response Templates

Mutli-Step Instructions/Directions
Two-Sentence Summary


Questions/ Prompts

1. How do you do ______ if . . .?
2. How do you apply these steps in this situation?
3. What are the steps to . . .?
4. Which step would you use after you . . . ?
5. Apply instructions that you read in the reading materials to . . .
If _________ changes, then how would you complete/ make . . . ?
6. Apply the instructions to (new situation) that is similar to the one described in the printed directions.
7. You would follow the directions to ___ unless . . .
8. Explain the rationale behind the procedure to ______. Why would you ______before . . .


Hand Signals for Focusing on the Skills & Strategies

Pat your hand downward moving it from left to right saying step, step, step, and then say directions.

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