Knowledge and Use of Maps, Charts, and Graphs

Understand and use maps, charts, and graphs

Graphic Organizers



Summary and Constructed-Response Templates

Use summary templates below depending on the purpose for interpreting the maps, charts, and graphs

Knowledge and Use of Maps, Charts, & Graphs
Two-Sentence Summary


Questions/ Prompts

1. Identify trends in data.
2. Identify the basic features of graphs, charts, or tables.
3. Translate the data into another form.
4. Generate a hypothesis based on given data.
5. Determine the relationship among variables.
6. Evaluate a hypothesis or conclusion based on the given data.
7. Deduce a conclusion or hypothesis based on experimental results.
8. Extend data to make predictions and models.
9. Use the presented data to solve a problem.
10. Make generalizations based on the results.
11. Predict results based on information given data.
12. Use the information in the chart to answer the questions below . . .
(Who, what, where, when, why, how, how much, to what extent)


Hand Signals for Focusing on the Skills & Strategies