Main/Central Idea

Identify and infer main ideas.

Summarize events and main points using supportive details.

Infer the meaning of the passage.


Graphic Organizers

Spider Map Spider Map
Network Tree

Cluster Map

circlemap Bubble Map


Summary and Constructed-Response Templates

Main Idea/Details Summary Two-Sentence Summary


Questions/ Prompts

  1. The main point of the article is . . .
  2. Summarize what you read.
  3. The main theme of the story is . . .
  4. List the facts regarding . . .
  5. The text is about . . .
  6. The main idea is about . . .
  7. The story/article mainly tells . . .
  8. Which of the following best expresses the main idea?
  9. On the basis of information in the passage, we can determine that . . .
  10. What would be the best title for this passage?
  11. Which statement best expresses the central idea of this passage?
  12. The main idea expressed in this passage is . . .


Hand Signals for Focusing on the Skills & Strategies

Hold a fist (main idea) and dangle and wiggle fingers (details).