Literary Analysis

Graphic Organizers

Use organizers based upon purpose (e.g., inform/explain, argue) for author’s techniques and devices

Story Board Storyboard
Rising Action Rising Action
Spider Map Spider Map
Tree Map Network Tree Map
Character Trait Map Character Trait Map
Problem Solution Problem/Solution Outline
Tree Map Network Tree Map
Layer Hierarchy Layered Hierarchy
brace Brace Map


Summary and Constructed-Response Templates

Literary Analysis

Questions/ Prompts

Varies by purpose


Hand Signals for Focusing on the Skills & Strategies

• Say put things in order with one hand pounding on the open palm of the other hand while moving from both hands from left to right (plot).
• Move both hands in high in the air as if you are shaping the room (setting).
• Scrunch both hands in front of your waste and make tighten your face (conflict/problem).
• Hold your arms apart and then move them together to clasp your hands (theme).

Character Traits
• Hold to your head with both hands (characters think)
• Bring your hands from your mouth outward (characters speak)
• Hold your hands to your heart (characters feel/have emotions)
• Move your hands from your heart outward to the group (characters relate to/interact with others)
• Pretend you are walking (characters take action)

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